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Our mission is to enable our members to successfully demonstrate and accelerate commercialization of their distributed ledger technology (DLT). We believe this can best be accomplished through effectively engaging with government and stakeholders in Vermont and through this process we hope to help set standards of governance and inform better legislation that will make Vermont the jurisdiction of choice for DLT.




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About the DLGA

A DLT Business & Regulatory Landing Area for Successful Piloting & Commercialization

 Distributed Ledger Governance Association (DLGA) was established to promote distributed ledger businesses and technology. Our mission is to enable our members to successfully demonstrate their distributed ledger technology (DLT) by effectively engaging with government and stakeholder in Vermont and, through this process, help set governance standards. DLGA provides member companies with the tools to demonstrate their technology in the real economy, leading to commercially successful pilots. DLGA is a member-funded organization, aimed at 501(c)(6) status as a Business League.

 The Vermont Opportunity-Vermont has been pioneering DLT-related laws since 2014 and, informed though private-public enabled DLT pilot projects, has continued to improve its legal jurisdiction for DLT businesses. The latest Vermont DLT-related legislation set a statutory priority to promote the blockchain industry by creating new LLC entities using DLT. The Attorney General, TJ Donovan also established a governmental interagency working group to study DLT and facilitate its growth through engaging private sector stakeholders including the DLGA.

 Immediate DLGA Advantage-In coordination with the working group, DLGA works to create the environment where  member companies can prove their technology through real-world pilots requiring engagement from local, state and even national government agencies and other stakeholders. DLGA is assisting member companies by engaging key Vermont stakeholders (government, hospitals, universities, incubators, industry, etc.) to create the environment where pilots and commercialization can succeed. Importantly, DLGA will use the experiences drawn from public-private pilots to further inform better regulation and legislation and to set global standards throughout the DLT industry.

Long-Term DLGA Vision-DLGA will set global standards of governance and eventually serve as a membership organization for global DLT entities choosing to uphold these standards. It is likely many of them will domicile their US or even global legal entity in Vermont to benefit from a legal jurisdiction that is second to none for DLT companies. 

Vermont’s Added Value-Beyond and the significant advantages of Vermont’s engaged and commercially supportive public sector, Vermont offers other benefits that could further improve the chances of successfully demonstrating their technology’s effectiveness and commercial value. The added value includes:


Government - Vermont has proven to demonstrate bipartisan, nimble and responsive government, willing to embrace innovation and driven by economic development


Geography - Vermont’s close proximity to Montreal, Boston, Toronto, and New York makes it within a day’s drive and one hour flight of 70 million people


Strong universities and colleges - Champlain College regularly hosts DLT industry conferences.  The University of Vermont has alumni at the forefront of many DLT firms and supports innovation through the I2V center

Quality infrastructure and support - BTV IGNITE has implemented Gig speed Internet and supports a thriving tech community through makers/co-working and R&D on next generation applications. The Center on Rural Innovation in Springfield has a Rural Innovation Initiative funded by USEDA that brings innovation centers to rural areas around the nation. Vermont Center for Emerging Technology helps entrepreneurs with the resources needed to help them scale.


Opportunity Zone investing - Vermont has more than double the national average of Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) per capita. DLT organizations based in a QOZ offer significant tax advantages for venture capital investing. Availability of QOZ funding can offer further incentives to joining members and increases the chances of commercial success.

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