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DLGA Members & Partners

DLGA Members:


AgriDigital is Australia’s leading AgTech and FinTech startup focusing on agricultural commodity supply chains from farmer to consumer. The AgriDigital platform is a cloud-based, blockchain-enabled supply chain and provenance solution that provides asset backed flexible finance and seamless end-to-end commodity management for all participants from farm-gate to plate.

Bitwage offers an employee expense management platform with both physical and virtual cards that allow people to track – and set the rules for – employee spending through their online interface. Other features include meal cards, perk systems, and API solutions.

Boid is social network powered by a community of token holders who contribute their excess computing resources towards the Boid Social Supercomputer. The Boid software makes it simple for anyone to make an impact by contributing towards important scientific computing research projects and decentralized blockchain consensus. Users compete on global leaderboards, while Boid teams rally individuals around brands and communities. Boid is creating a future where anyone can easily participate in distributed networks.

Clean Energy Blockchain Network (CEBN) builds both hardware and software packages, including financing and developing clean energy projects, in addition to energy and credit tracking “ BlockChain of Custody” and trading using blockchain technology. CEBN helps its clients move forward in the clean, distributed, and digital transformations underway in the energy industry.

Consensus AI uses the newest proven technologies to make smart tools for government to make it more efficient, increase understanding between government and citizens, and between citizens and each other. Consensus AI helps government to deeply understand their citizens and keep a constant finger on the pulse of citizens as attitudes evolve and to use predictive analytics to help government understand where sentiment is headed.


iComply Investor Services Inc. (iComply) is an award-winning software company focused on reducing regulatory friction in the capital markets. iComply’s Prefacto technology automates end-to-end management, control and due diligence of investors to reduce costs and incidence of human error while also providing access to global investors and liquidity in secondary markets.

FinClusive is a blockchain-based, web and mobile-enabled Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) for “high perceived compliance risk” individuals and entities who are otherwise restricted from or denied services from traditional financial institutions. FinClusive is working to provide account access into a network of community-based financial institutions, while providing secure payments facilitation with comprehensive financial crimes, KYC/AML/CDD compliance coverage and monitoring protocols.


Geora is a blockchain protocol designed to meet the needs of global agriculture. Users on the Geora protocol can create secure and shared digital records of physical commodities in a permissioned ethereum network using smart contracts which are easily controlled from a simple API layer. By running lowest cost digital infrastructure, Geora aims to provide agriculture with the digital toolkit required to build better and more efficient solutions to trace, trade and finance agri-supply chains.

Kingdom Trust is a leading independent, qualified custodian specializing in innovative custody solutions and escrow services for individual and institutional investors. Kingdom has been a leading directed custodian for crypto-related assets in the US.

Muinín P.B.C. is a Fidelity as a Service (FaaS) company. Using reproducible builds, distributed ledger, and open source technologies, Muinín (Irish for “trust”) is a cyber security technology that passively and actively ensures software and hardware integrity of critical digital equipment over the full lifecycle.


Omega Grid’s local energy market software platform represents a light-weight wholesale system suitable for distribution grids. Blockchain architecture helps avoid the need for a central clearinghouse, a single point of failure for the market, and expensive communication infrastructure to address latency. The platform accounts for local grid limitations and interfaces with the existing wholesale markets. The financial market software helps determine the most efficient mix of generation and loads on a local grid.


Propy is removing barriers to real estate ownership by making real estate a liquid asset so anyone, anywhere can move in and out of the real estate market just like they do with stocks.


RYSKEX offers a hedging platform for non-insurable risks embedded in a business-to-business ecosystem, bringing together risk management units and institutional investors in a blockchain based peer-to-peer approach supported by AI and an internal token.

Trace is a supply-chain management technology company using cutting-edge blockchain and AI technology to bring trust, transparency, and reliability through logging and attributing immutable product histories to the cannabis industry.

Service Partners:

BlockchainVT is on a mission to connect blockchain startups and participants to each other and to resources they need, to shine a spotlight on the truly innovative blockchain activity that’s happening in Vermont, and to grow our State’s blockchain community by promoting Vermont as the perfect place to conduct blockchain activity.

Cipher Group is a partner for many stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem. For startups, Cipher helps file provisional and non-provisional patent applications and help draft office action responses. Cipher analyzes the Open Source Licenses (OSL) involved in the codebase to assist with compliance with the OSL issues. Cipher Group also provides advisory services on smart contract audits. For investors, Cipher offers Valuation services both from business and IP/Patent point of view.


Champlain College is a small, not-for-profit college in Burlington Vermont with satellite campuses in Montreal, Canada, and Dublin, Ireland. Champlain offers a career-driven approach to higher education to prepare students for their professional life.

Gallagher Flynn & Company (GFC) is an accounting firm in South Burlington, VT has nearly a half-century of commitment to excellence and believes, foremost, in relationships with clients, associates, and partners to produce real and lasting accountability, integrity, and trust.

Gravel & Shea (G&S) has been in Burlington VT since 1955 and only provides clients with top credentialed lawyers in a wide variety of disciplines, including commercial transactions, civil litigation, real estate, intellectual property, energy, land use and environmental regulation, estate planning, M&As, personal injury litigation, employment law, and family law.  


Vermont State Employees Credit Union (VSECU) provides members with outstanding financial products and services through safe, simple, convenient products and helpful services. VSECU’s measure of success is to empower members to invest in their present and in their futures.


Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW) is a leading global advisory, brokering, and solutions company and is the third largest insurance broker in the world. With roots dating to 1828, Willis Towers Watson has 45,000 employees serving more than 140 countries and markets.